UK business and investor visas

If you’re a business owner and want to expand or open up a new company and settle in the UK, a business or investor visa is a great option.

UK business visas

Business in the UK

Everything you need to know about the UK business visa

If you have business meetings or conferences to attend in the UK or you’re meeting potential investors so that you can start a new business, you’ll likely need a visa. 

What types of business visas are available?

In the UK, the visa type used for business travel is a Standard Visitor visa. This has replaced the Business Visitor visa. This visa lasts up to six months. You can apply for a long-term Standard Visitor visa which allows you to enter and exit the UK for up to 10 years, provided you don’t stay longer than six months each time.

UK business visa requirements

You are eligible to apply for this visa if you are coming to the UK to do any of the following:

What costs are involved in getting a UK business visa?

UK business visa fees depend on the length of time you are applying to stay in the UK. If you need your visa fast-tracked this will also incur additional fees. If you are planning to stay in the UK for longer than six months, as part of your UK business visa application, you will need a biometric residence permit. This may add to the overall cost of your visa.

Below are the visa fees you will need to know about:

Fee type Length of time Cost
Standard visitor visa Valid for six months £93
Long term standard visitor visa Issued for two years £350
Long term standard visitor visa Issued for five years £636
Long term standard visitor visa Issued for 10 years £798
Secondary fee to fast-track your visa application decision Within five days £212
Secondary fee to fast-track your visa application decision Within one working day £956

The UK Tier 1 (Investor) visa

The UK is a popular choice for investors and entrepreneurs

The UK’s stable economic, political and social environment makes it a popular destination to secure a second residency and eventually citizenship.

The Tier 1 (Investor) visa allows wealthy people from outside the European Economic Area (and Switzerland) to invest a large sum of money into the UK and gain UK residency.

You’re eligible to apply for a UK Investor visa if you:

Tier 1 visa restrictions

There are some restricted professions on a Tier 1 visa, such as professional sports coach or sportsperson. There are also companies in the property investment, property management and property development markets that you are unable to invest in if you wish to secure a UK investor visa.

With all Tier 1 visas you cannot access public funds.